Factors affecting national integration in india

This is something important in a country such as ours. While demanding a separate State, people, involved in this movement argue that the rich natural resources of the area have been drained out to benefit others.

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Political manipulation has projected one religion against the other which resulted in communal riot, bloodbath, mutual, distrust and disintegration of the country.

Rulers of states which had an intermediate status signed a third type of Instrument, which preserved the degree of power they had under the British.

Political integration of India

It has been experienced that such political parties in power often complicate the Centre-State relationship. The combination of the recovery in the US and, even if weaker, in Europe, as well as a deceleration of growth in China is creating uncertainty for the financial markets.

The Congress' stated position was that the princely states were not sovereign entities, and as such could not opt to be independent notwithstanding the end of paramountcy. Law and order authorities must come up to a mark to identify impartially and rationally the problems of mal-integration and to take adequate steps to solve it.

There is conflict and riots on the languages issue. The troops met little resistance by the Razakars and between 13 and 18 September took complete control of the state.

The operation led to massive communal violence with estimates of deaths ranging from the official one of 27,—40, to scholarly ones ofor more. It is the result of narrow-mindedness, prejudice, and lack of knowledge of other religions.

National Integration Essay 2 words National integration is of great importance in India to enhance the individual level development in this country and make it a strong country. For instance, the Jharkhand movements which involved tribal groups from Bihar, M. Social Integration ensures disbursal of Social justice, social equality, liberty and fraternity among the people without delay.

Diversity of religions, castes and creeds has enriched the cultural heritage of the India which arisen here a composite culture however it is very clear that India has always lacked political unity.

It is a recovery without a real upturn in the business cycle, threatened by a range of factors. Each regional differs from the other in one or other ways which leads to disintegration of the country.

It happens to be the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of the country. A host of interrelated factors have disrupted efforts to achieve goals of equality and social justice as well as building of a nation-state.

This kind of integration is very important in the building of a strong and prosperous nation. Such a pride is exhibited in their ethnonational feeling. The Naga National councils original demand was some sort of regional autonomy, he says, and in course of their interaction with the non-tribals they developed the fear of losing their identity… in the midst of Hindu rule leading to a demand for outright sovereign independent Nagaland State.

Rajagopalachariargued that as paramountcy "came into being as a fact and not by agreement", it would necessarily pass to the government of independent India, as the successor of the British. We have to develop tolerance and understanding for other religions and not let such feelings destroy our unity.

However, the government of many such nations often neglects and overlooks this issue thereby giving rise to disintegration. Mountbatten believed that securing the states' accession to India was crucial to reaching a negotiated settlement with the Congress for the transfer of power.

We all should understand the need and requirement, real meaning and purpose of this national integration. Each community should help each other and share the celebration of religious festivals. Press and Media have to be impartial in their treatment and publicity of the situation.

India has believed in the past and believes today that creativity and change through continuity and a sense of unity amidst diversities is paramount to national integration.

They must be told that India is one and united despite diversity. In India the following hindrances are obstructing the growth of national feeling, casteism, communalism, linguistic fanaticism, social disparity, economic inequalities and immorality, regionalism etc.

Hence, the significance of our choice of the norm of secularism, implying equal regard for all religions, as our policy of national integration. Politically, India is now a sovereign State.

The demands for education, expert knowledge and social skills have taken a quantum leap upwards and increased the threshold for people seeking to enter the labour market. Barriers to trade have been reduced.

Political integration of India

Unfortunately, even with the passage of time these communal feelings have not ended. The latter two were respectively the political and administrative heads of the States Departmentwhich was in charge of relations with the princely states. In combination with low liquidity in markets, partly due to the new regulatory structures that are reshaping banking everywhere, this has set the tone for turbulence.

The attitude of the national mainstream that primitivises and thereby inferiorizes the tribals is in serious conflict with the proud self-understanding of the tribals in the northeast.The first National Integration Council (NIC) of India, has explained the scope of National Integration as a ‘psychological and educational Process involving the development of—(a) a feeling of unity, solidarity and cohesion in the hearts of the people; (b) a sense of common citizenship, and (c) a feeling of loyalty to the Nation.

"Factors Which Promote National Integration" Essays and Research Papers So, the national integration of India invariably depends on the integrity of its citizens. It is the individuals who constitute a society or a nation.

Society or nation is nothing without its individuals. Factors Affecting National Integration. "Factors Which Promote National Integration" Essays and Research Papers So, the national integration of India invariably depends on the integrity of its citizens.

It is the individuals who constitute a society or a nation. Society or nation is nothing without its. Dec 04,  · national integration can never be achieved in our country with such diversity as are cheri197.com issue raised by you can form the basis for an academic to do a doctoral cheri197.com and above all these factors,doStatus: Resolved.

The political integration of these territories into India was a declared objective of the Indian National Congress, and the Government of India pursued this over the next decade.

Through a combination of factors, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and V. P. Menon convinced most of the rulers of the various princely states to accede to India. Factors Affecting National Integration in India Though we proudly say that India is a land of unity among diversity, we do know that this is not completely true.

Even as the Indian government is making attempts to ensure national integration, it often falls short.

Factors affecting national integration in india
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