Some environmental problems in viet nam

There are a number of things you can do to protect Southeast Asian and virtually all coral reefs. Often, this area is created out of forests. You can also support organizations like the World Wildlife Fund that supply and support anti-poaching patrols. However, a new employee medical national insurance scheme has been launched and is proving popular.

Recent developments have triggered an intensification of monitoring and inspection of industrial pollution. Each year natural disasters such as typhoons, storms, floods or drought have extreme effects on people, their livelihood, their agricultural lands, their livestock, Some environmental problems in viet nam their infrastructure.

They provide a protected sanctuary for animals, and an area that is more or less safe from habitat destruction. S military forces dispersed more than 19 million gallons of herbicidal agents over the Republic of Vietnamincluding more than 12 million gallons of the dioxin-contaminant commonly known as Agent Orange.

VN faces great environmental problems: deputy PM

In some areas, over-exploitation has resulted in falling water tables which contributes to further land subsidence and salinity intrusion, especially in the Mekong River Delta. Air pollution is a global problem, but Southeast Asia does have among the worst air pollution in the world, only behind East Asia and India src.

Industrial wastewater treatment is a critical need as 75 percent of wastewater is being discharged into lakes and rivers without treatment.

Industrial parks represent an attractive market for wastewater treatment plants since the government is pushing industry harder on environmental compliance. These fires are generally started intentionally by either small-scale farmers or companies trying to clear land of trees so they can exploit it the following year.

Deforestation - the destruction of vast areas of forest e. Land use pressures have led to significant environmental problems, including severe deforestation, soil erosion, sedimentation of rivers, flooding in the deltas, declining fish yields, and pollution of the coastal and marine environment.

Statistics show that as of Junethere were industrial parks and export processing zones in the country. In these regions rapid population growth, urbanization and industrialization, intensive agriculture, and water transport have resulted in worsening water quality and declining groundwater levels.

Some Environmental Problems in Viet Nam Today

It was found in varying concentrations in all the different herbicides used in Vietnam. Water pollution caused by the rapid growing industry results in high rates of diarrhea since most people in this region depend on surface water of the river.

As much of this water is used in the growth of crops, this raises food security issues as well src. The government expects irrigation demand to increase to The market for water and wastewater treatment services centers on consultant contracts for ODA funded projects.

But only partial progress has been made in implementing the reforms embodied in it. Drift-net fishing - done with a net, miles in extent, that is generally anchored to a boat and left to float with the tide; often results in an over harvesting and waste of large populations of non-commercial marine species by-catch by its effect of "sweeping the ocean clean.

Environmental issues in Vietnam

Studies done on laboratory animals have proven that dioxin is highly toxic even in minute doses. Groundwater shows pockets of contamination and some salinity intrusion. Strengthening the policy and institutional framework for integrated water resources management; Expanding and diversifying investment in infrastructure for the water sector, while paying more attention to financing for the management side; Improving compliance and enforcement; Deepening public participation and involvement.

Unfortunately, the reefs of Southeast Asia have been seriously degraded over the past several decades. The first, obviously, is to try and reduce your carbon footprint. Contamination from pesticides and agricultural chemical runoff is growing at an alarming rate.

DDT dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane - a colorless, odorless insecticide that has toxic effects on most animals; the use of DDT was banned in the US in Aerosol - a collection of airborne particles dispersed in a gas, smoke, or fog.

The main investments are made in irrigation, water supply and drainage.Some environmental problems in Viet Nam today Thai Cong Tung Abstracts Demographic growth, urbanization, industrialization, infrastructure development are contributing to increase stress on the natural resource base in Viet Nam today.

Environmental and Pollution Control Equipment and Services Overview Vietnam is facing an increasing number of environmental pollution challenges including air, water, and solid waste.

VN faces great environmental problems: deputy PM With most waste discharged into the environment without treatment, Vietnam is facing big environmental problems caused by human activities. Share. Problems and Issues. Population: Viet Nam’s present population is around 80 million, about 87% of which is the majority ‘Kinh‘ group mostly living in low-lying areas, and the remaining 13% in fifty-three different ethnic groups living mainly in mountainous areas.

Some environmental problems in Viet Nam today Thai Cong Tung Abstracts Demographic growth, urbanization, industrialization, infrastructure development are contributing to increase stress on the natural resource base in Viet Nam today.

State of water environmental issues. Viet Nam + Overview + Sea Areas + Surface water + Groundwater + Water quality + Water resources scorecard: Overview Viet Nam has a dense river network— rivers with a length of more than 10 km.

Eight out of these are large basins with a catchment area of 10, km² or more. Groundwater shows.

Some environmental problems in viet nam
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